Toronto Maple Leafs right wing Mitch Marner is a talented young guy in the NHLand he is set to get a new contract figured out in due time. Whether he remains in Toronto or not is the issue, as the 21-year-old is coming off a career season in which he scored 21 goals and posted 94 points, leading the Leafs. This all gives him leverage to ask for a lot of money in the negotiation of his next deal.

According to NHL Prospects Watcher on Twitter, Marner is looking for a $11.5 million dollar per year deal. However, it seems like the team is banking on pushing the rationale that Marner is a local boy, and that should be reason enough that he should just take whatever money they give him.

Come on. Just because Marner is a "Toronto kid" doesn't mean the Leafs should expect him to play for less money than his talent demands. If anything, they're forcing him and his agent to play hardball.

​​The Ontario native is an integral part to the Leafs' ability to score, and he's still far from realizing his maximum potential. If this kid is already putting up these kinds of numbers, he deserves a proper paycheck to match.

The question is whether Toronto has faith in Marner enough to empty out their wallets on a long-term deal at the expense of other commitments. The Leafs do not have a lot of cap space this offseason, which will force GM Kyle Dubas to be creative in reallocating money to make a Marner extension work.