​Former New England Patriots wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson hit up Tom Brady's Instagram comments to request something that is surely a tall order. 

Patterson commented on his old QB's picture at the Kentucky Derby with Julian Edelman and Deion Branch and said, "@tombrady aye pops you trying to take me next year or what?"

​​Patterson and Brady are probably boys like that, but send him a direct text, man! Going the Instagram comment route makes you look desperate.

Unfortunately, these two apparent old buddies aren't going to be playing for the same squad next season, as Patterson just signed a new contract with the Chicago Bears for two years and $10 million. It's not clear how many favors TB12 is going to be handing out to a guy who's not even going to be one of his targets next year.

The receiver might just have to get his own tickets to the Kentucky Derby in 2020.

But here's a thought-- it's a quick flight from Chicago to Indianapolis. Maybe invite Tommy to the Indy 500 and nudge him to return the favor next year in Louisville? It can't hurt.