In order for ​Kawhi Leonard and the ​Toronto Raptors to take down a more talented Philadelphia 76ers team, All-Star point guard Kyle Lowry needed to provide the consistency that a 13-year veteran and bonafide No. 2 option should. 

Instead, Lowry has once again pulled a David Copperfield and disappeared, putting up seven points on 2-10 shooting as the Raptors got their doors blown off in Philadelphia in Game 3. After scoring an astounding ZERO points in Game 1 against the Orlando Magic, the legacy of Lowry choking in the playoffs only continues to grow. 

Lowry is shooting just 40 percent from the field and 26 percent from three in the playoffs this year. You can't watch Lowry and not be bombarded with flashbacks of 2016, when Toronto made the Eastern Conference finals but lost to LeBron James and the Cavaliers. In those playoffs, Lowry shot 39 percent on 16.6 shots per game. 

Fred VanVleet is a ​​solid point guard, but he's not a starter on a Finals team. Lowry needs to step up and get past this mental block in the postseason or else this is how he'll be remembered. 

​​If an All-Star guard like Lowry continues to throw up brick after brick while Kawhi Leonard does everything to keep this team in the game, then you can bet the Raptors are going to look a lot different next year.