​This is the most AAF thing that could have happened today.

The Alliance of American Football turned out to be a complete joke. The league didn't make it through its inaugural season, ​suspending operations before the conclusion of the campaign. It only looked worse for the league after they made players pay for their own way home, which is almost reasonable considering they didn't have enough money to pay the University of Central Florida to use their stadium. It was, all told, a complete and utter disaster. 

To be fair, they didn't start off on the right foot thanks to one of the original financers, however. Reggie Fowler, one of the initial investors in the league, was just charged with bank fraud. 

​​Everything this league touches turns to ash. 

Fowler was expected to fund the league during their innaugural season but backed out. In hindsight, that makes sense. The man who once had partial ownership of the Vikings opened numerous bank accounts that were used to receive deposits from individuals purchasing cryptocurrency, and thanks to the lies he told and the sneaking around he did with regards to the banks with which he opened those accounts, he's now being charged with a true-blue financial crime.

​​Fowler started this league off on the wrong foot, so it's no surprise things came crashing down for him. Don't be surprised if it gets even worse.