Christian McCaffrey is one of the toughest running backs in the NFL, but he is walking a dangerous line.

McCaffrey was recent caught liking a revealing photo of model Olivia Culpo, who happens to be Danny Amendola's ex-girlfriend. The couple just ​recently broke up, so Amendola won't be too pleased about this one. 

While McCaffrey's like could be mean nothing, it seems to be more than that as the two started following each other last month when they were both in LA. Even if isn't anything real, it's probably suspicious enough to make Amendola mad. 

Amendola and ​​Culpo's relationship did not end on a good note. After their breakup, Amendola went on to Instagram and to write a ​lengthy post and put Culpo on blast. That happened less than a month ago.

The Lions and Panthers won't be competing at all this season, so Amendola and McCaffrey won't be blessed with seeing them each on the field. Maybe Amendola will start becoming a big social media guy to talk trash if his ex is getting hit on by other NFL players though.