​George Springer let his emotions get the best of him in a matchup against the Minnesota Twins recently, as Angel Hernandez's questionable strike zone had finally become too much for the ​Houston Astros outfielder to bear. In response, he lashed out with some reprehensible comments that drew the ire of the commissioner's office. 

In response to a video that showed Springer lashing out at Hernandez, Springer has been "disciplined" by ​the league

​​“This inappropriate behavior was addressed with Mr. Springer and the Houston Astros,” according to the office of commissioner Rob Manfred, “and he has been disciplined.”

It doesn't take a master lip reader to figure out exactly what Springer is saying towards Hernandez. An ump can have a bad strike zone, it's part of the game. 

And as much as Angel Hernandez might need some time away from the game, comments like that have no place in baseball. 

Hopefully Springer learns from his punishment and will refrain from lashing out like this in the future, as both the Astros and the league can't afford to have one of their young stars embroiled in controversy like this.