The Boston Bruins have the reputation of being a tough, hard-nosed, blue-collar team. In a physical sport, they've always been one of the more physical teams in the league. But there is a fine line between being physical, and being dirty. And the Bruins' Brad Marchand leaped across that line on Tuesday night against the Columbus Blue Jackets in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. 

Viewers can see in the video after Sergei Bobrovsky makes a save late in the third period with an extra attacker on for Boston, Marchand goes all-UFC on Columbus' Scott Harrington on the edge of the goal crease. 

And as if Marchand's stunt wasn't cowardly enough, he solemnly skates away from the situation as if he has done nothing wrong. 

Marchand wasn't penalized because the referees' attention was not directed toward the punch with a minute left in regulation. But while not having to head to the penalty box in crunch time, Marchand deserves a fine or suspension for his actions. It may not even come as a surprise to him, as he's been suspended six times in his career already. If suspended, he could be a big loss for his Bruins, as  he leads his team with a playoff-high nine points. 


Marchand's team was unable to overcome the one-goal deficit in the final minute, leading to their defeat in Game 3 in Ohio's capital, and now trail 2-1 in the series. Game 4 will be held on May 2, with or without Marchand.