​The ongoing FBI investigation into corruption and bribery in ​college basketball has already yielded some results, implicating former assistant coaches and agents alike. Even with three major players under indictment, college basketball analyst Seth Davis believes that the reason that number isn't higher is because the sport might actually be clean. 

Davis must really be drinking the NCAA's Kool-Aid, because this makes no sense. Does Davis know how long FBI probes can take? 

With big name coaches like Kansas' Bill Self, Arizona's ​Sean Miller, and LSU's Will Wade all having their name mentioned at least once by those who are currently under indictment, with Wade even having to miss the NCAA tournament as a result of a suspension, it's extremely unlikely that we've uncovered all of the evidence. 

​​Then again, there is a non-zero chance that this tweet was ghostwritten by Mark Emmert. Given how sleazy the NCAA would get, it can't be ruled out. 

​​Davis blatantly acting as a mouthpiece for the NCAA could be extremely dangerous to the ongoing probe. Corruption and bribery is very much alive, and if people keep turning a blind eye to it or assuming that the sport is clean, then more and more people will be tempted to engage in some illegal activity.