​Christian McCaffrey, what has gotten INTO you, sir?

The Panthers' combo back has never been scrawny (don't tell him he doesn't lift!), but the 2.0 edition of ​McCaffrey that ​Carolina put on display on Tuesday is a force to be reckoned with.

Ladies and gentlemen, what happened to his arms?!

​​We're pleased to inform you that McCaffrey is fully yoked out of his mind. Now, kindly return to your regularly scheduled programming.

The kid posted career highs across the board in a breakout 2018 season, rushing for an impressive 1,067 yards, while nabbing 867 through the air as well. It appears he wasn't impressed with his own efforts, though, rededicating himself to the weight room after what was clearly a bonafide excellent season.

And yes, McCaffrey's sponsors really don't want their hard work to go unrecognized here.

​​Y'all did it together! McCaffrey and Protein, an all-time team!

We'll know this work was worth it if CMC picks up an oncoming safety and simply chucks him 55 meters down the field Week 1.