​The Baylor Bears women's basketball team visited the White House on Monday to celebrate their national title, and at least one of their players, All-American center Kalani Brown, wasn't having the greatest time. To address that situation, she made sure to have a laugh at the expense of ​President Donald Trump on social media.

She ​got a real kick out of "Donnie's" fast food spread, and she did a nice job trolling Trump on IG. Check out the location she tagged in her selfie:

She wasn't at "Donald Trump's White House," according to her Instagram Story. Instead, she was taking a picture of herself at "The Obama White House." Do you think she's a Trump fan?

To answer that question for certain, look at the team's photos from the Oval Office.

​​If you can't tell, Brown isn't smiling in any of them. It appears she's not thrilled to be there. 

Apparently the greasy fast food spread didn't impress her much.