​The corruption investigation regarding ​NCAA basketball is ongoing, and in court on Monday, the infamous ​Christian Dawkins was heard on tape talking about Arizona Wildcats head coach Sean Miller and ​"taking care of" DeAndre Ayton.

That itself is alarming, but then Arizona assistant coach Emanuel "Book" Richardson took it to another level when he was caught on tape talking about how he was "broke" because he was using his own money to pay players.

I'm going to assume he was being facetious about being totally broke, as the coach makes $250,000 a year and has a family of his own, but he was also tapping into his retirement accounts to take care of recruits and their families.

The fact an assistant coach is using his own money to have players play fo his school is mind-blowing.

If this investigation and subsequent trial doesn't change the rules, I don't know what will.