Things were not going the way of the Toronto Raptors in ​Game 2 of the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Philadelphia 76ers on Monday night. Raptors coach Nick Nurse's face explains it all. 

If it wasn't bad enough that his team was down 18 points with less than five minutes until halftime, he was assessed a technical foul while pleading with the officials about a call, provoking the now-viral reaction. 

The coach shows his many expressions thought the game, which makes his intensity a good match for the engaged Toronto crowd.  Nurse has elevated his team in his first season on the job after replacing the fired Dwane Casey this year. The rookie head coach has definitely proven that he isn't afraid to show some youthful enthusiasm.   

We'll see if Nurse has successfully gotten into the officials' heads enough in the event he needs a close call to go his way down the stretch.