​The Baylor Bears women's basketball team had the red carpet rolled out for them with the best fast food Washington D.C. has to offer. Center Kalani Brown definitely wasn't feeling the vibe and laughed at President Donald Trump for the wide assortment of junk food that was laid out for the champs. 

​​Nothing really says class like a Big Mac.

The Baylor Bears are the first women's team to ​visit the White House since President Trump has been around and it isn't exactly going swimmingly. First, we had Brown heckling him by calling him "Donnie" and laughing at the food selection, and then the ​President made a creepy comment about the arm definition of the women on the team. 

It's...not the best.

​​There are probably plenty of people who would kill for some Chick-fil-A and are wowed by the BBQ sauce selection, but Brown and possibly the rest of the Baylor Bears don't seem to be fans.