For the first time in more than two years in the Oval Office,​ President Donald Trump welcomed a women's sports team to the White House: your 2019 NCAA Tournament Champions, they B​aylor Bears

Originally, it probably appeared as a genuinely good look by our Commander in Chief, but there was only one problem: Trump couldn't get through the session without going off on a tangent about arms.

Per Newsweek, Trump was quoted saying, “You know I love those short sleeves, such beautiful arms,” while brushing his own arm to demonstrate. He then commented, "Great definition.”

Leave it to The Donald to make the presenting of a basketball jersey with his name on the back ​​utterly ominous. He literally could have said anything else about the kind gesture and not come off nearly as strange. 

Is the definition and beauty of these ARMS really what entices trump to women's college basketball? He definitely seemed interested in showing off his guns to a bunch of 19-year-olds.

Of course, Trump probably had no malicious intents when uttering these remarks, but it goes without saying that he couldn't get through a session with the first women's team to follow through with his White House invitation without coming off like a pageant owner.

Unfortunately, we aren't surprised in the least bit.