​If you go to a baseball game, it's almost sacrilegious (unless you are vegan) not to order a ​hot dog. It's just something you do, and they always taste better when you're at the ballpark. A Triple-A pitcher in the ​Yankees system knew that, which is why he gave a young fan a baseball for his hot dog in an underrated deadline deal. Take a look:

Whether the ball was signed or not, this is a win for both parties. The kid gets a baseball from the game, something people usually fight over, and the pitcher gets to fill his stomach up with a delicious hot dog.

​​If you have to pick, though, the player probably won. It was most likely a random ball from the bucket, and in exchange, he got himself a hot dog he didn't have to pay for.

This is just another example proving that baseball and hot dogs simply...go together.