NFL Draft

5 Future NFL Draft Locations We Would Love to See

Just in case you somehow missed it, the NFL Draft down in Nashville was a party from start to finish. Even on Day 3, the crowds didn't seem to dissipate one bit. The NFL announced that there were still approximately 600,000 (!) strong in attendance Saturday. We'll never forget how great this year's draft was. But with everyone still buzzing about the party in the Music City, it got us thinking about some other locales that would be great for the NFL Draft. These locations may not reach the level of excitement that we witnessed in Tennessee, but there's no doubt these cities would be great hosts for a future draft weekend.

5. Las Vegas

Yes, we know, Las Vegas has already been confirmed as the host for next year's draft. But that doesn't mean we still can't think about how awesome it'll be, and what that could mean well into the future. If you thought Nashville was a party, the future home of the Raiders has the potential to be even bigger, something I'm not sure any of us are ready for. We just hope none of the incoming rookies get themselves into any trouble while they're waiting for their name to be called in Sin City. But hey, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? 

4. Miami

Continuing with the big party theme, South Beach would be another great location for the draft. It'll probably be pretty hot down there, but it's freakin' Miami. Who wouldn't love that? It's one of the top vacation spots in the world, so it has the room to handle the influx of people who would head down there for draft time. We've had more than enough drafts in northern cities like New York, Philadelphia and Chicago, so it's long past time for Florida to get its first crack.

3. Honolulu

If Miami isn't tropical enough for you, Honolulu should do the trick. For years, Hawaii hosted the  Pro Bowl, and now that the tradition has been ended, it seems fitting that it gets a chance to host an NFL Draft. It may not be as big as some of the other candidates, and travel would be prohibitive in many ways, but it would easily be the most beautiful city to host the draft to date. Barring any major weather concerns, Honolulu would make for a truly special draft the likes of which the league has never seen. 

2. Denver

If there's one certainty about sports fans in Denver, it's that they absolutely love their football. Broncos fans are some of the best in the league, and if they were given the chance to host the draft, they wouldn't disappoint. It would definitely be a little chilly up in Mile High, but setting up the draft at the historic Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater would be truly a sight to see. The Rocky Mountains overlooking the draft stage would make for some great aesthetics. If the NFL ever decides to let Denver host the draft, however, let's just hope the incoming crop of rookies can (*Stephen A. Smith voice*) stay off the WEEEEEEDDD.

1. London

Having the NFL Draft in a city outside of the United States would be bold, and sure to draw the ire of a ton of fans-- but it would undoubtedly expand the NFL's international fanbase, something they've been big on for years now. London already gets a few NFL games per season, and in 2019, they're getting four, the most ever in a single season. If the league wants to continue to expand their international reach, hosting one of their biggest events of the year in an international city would go a long way in doing that. It would cement London as an NFL city, and it would be great so see the streets of the British capital filled with every team's jerseys. After that, start making plans for Mexico City!