​Warning: as much as I may try, spoilers are bound to lie ahead.

The final season of ​Game of Thrones finally delivered their mic drop, with the Battle of Winterfell featuring some truly unforgettable moments in the fight between the living and the dead in a wild episode entitled "The Long Night."

Per usual, sports fans didn't want to be left out in the cold (sorry, we had to). So, without further ado, here are some of the best creations from you, the fans. We must start with the obvious heroics of one Arya Stark.

In mid-air! If you didn't notice this live, please watch again. What at first didn't seem possible is now reality. There can only be one GOAT, and her name is Arya.

The Hawks know what's up. Similar to Arya Stark, ​Trae Young's journey to NBA superstardom was no easy task.

Crying Jordan will never die.

108 YARDS! Even in the seven kingdoms, we love to watch Bama take an L.

The Starks are really just UCF.

Dame Dolla? More like Dame penny. Arya with the best buzzer-beater of the season.

Shoutout to the AP, somehow making even this incredible moment in television history boring.


Next question.

Arya put the team on her back, and deserves every accolade coming her way. The people's MVP.