Things have gone from excitement to pure worry for the New York Giants. On Saturday, the team drafted cornerback Corey Ballentine in the sixth round. 

Less than 24 hours later, though, stunning news has surfaced. Local reports are stating Ballentine was shot on early Sunday morning and injured. Even more daunting, a fellow Washburn player, Dwane Simmons, was killed in the incident. 

​​Obviously, this is an unfortunate situation for Ballentine. He was surely celebrating the life-changing day of being drafted with his friends and family, but things ended in heartbreak and dismay. 

He's expected to make a full recovery, which is great news, but this could take a while for him to get over. 

The 5-11, 195-pounder finished his last season at Washburn with 50 tackles and three interceptions. The Giants will surely focus on him taking care of his health, both physical and mental, before bringing him in to the facility.