What...what is this?

​The Falcons selected ​Kaleb McGary with the 31st pick in the first round of the ​2019 NFL Draft. Although McGary has potential, it appears as if he has a bit of maturing to do before he can be an effective NFL player. 

Perhaps more offensive than McGary's behavior, however, is how it was framed by the scout reporting on the situation.

"...the blacks"?

According to this AFC Executive, McGary exhibited some strange and socially awkward behaviors in the weight room. 

McGary, who is from Fife, Washington, apparently has a strong love for country music, and when one teammate switched off country for some R&B, McGary cut the cord so that no music could be played.

It seems as if that socially awkward behavior relays the attitude of "my way or the highway," an attitude that will not endear McGary to his new teammates any time soon. However, do we really have any reason to trust a person who delivers news in this fashion?

Kaleb McGary is 6-7 and 317 pounds, but it appears as if opposing defenders are not going to be the only people who are afraid of the big offensive tackle.