​Most fans agreed that the ​Giants selecting Daniel Jones at sixth overall in the NFL Draft was a mistake, especially when you consider that Dwayne Haskins (and every other QB besides Kyler Murray) was still available. Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter didn't like the move either, and said that he thinks there's more to the story than the Giants simply preferring Jones' game.

Carter does make an intriguing point, and despite the strides that have been made over the years when it comes to equality in sports, there still are barriers black athletes have to overcome-- especially at the quarterback position.

Daniel Jones threw for 2,674 yards along with 22 touchdowns and nine interceptions last season at Duke. Haskins, who was eventually selected 15th overall by the ​Redskins, threw for 4,831 yards while tossing 50 touchdowns and just eight interceptions in the tough Big Ten conference, and was a finalist for the Heisman Trophy. It's easy to understand why so many would scratch their heads over the Giants' decision.

Haskins could merely laugh when he heard ​Daniel Jones' name called at number six instead of his own. As Darren Rovell points out, the drop from six to 15 did not just cost him prestige of a high draft position, but also about $10 million in salary.

We will never know GM Dave Gettleman's true motives behind selecting Daniel Jones, but the racial bias perspective is one that should be considered against the greater backdrop of NFL talent evaluation and the culture that permeates it.

These two young quarterbacks' careers have a long way to go before they play out, but from the look of things, ​Haskins might indeed have the last laugh when it is all said and done.