​It doesn't sound like everyone was surprised with Oakland's pick at No. 4 overall. 

If you looked at any mock draft at all, you wouldn't have seen the Raiders selecting Clelin Ferrell fourth in the draft, but surprise, surprise: ​they did. Luckily for Ferrell, he wasn't shocked because he isn't exactly a fan of mock drafts.

Ferrell hilariously called mock drafts "stupid" after he was picked by Oakland. 

​​Hey, he has a fair point on this one. They definitely didn't know what they were talking about when it came to his draft ceiling. 

Plenty of mock drafts had him ​falling to the Packers or later, but he didn't even make it out of the top five. Ferrell is too busy thinking about his future to worry about his spot on a mock draft. Now that it's all over, he doesn't have any reason to think about any fake draft at all.

​​Ferrell might not have to worry about mock drafts, but he will have to worry about proving that the Raiders were right.