​Giants fans, for the love of everything, please look away. Many loyal members of the fanbase are currently licking their wounds after their team decided to pick Daniel Jones over Dwayne Haskins and other fantastic defensive prospects on the board. It was a laugh out loud moment for many, including Haskins, who couldn't hold it in when the Giants passed on him for the Duke quarterback. 

​​We all thought it was a joke too, Dwayne. Don't worry.

Haskins has every right to laugh. He would've been playing in his backyard after throwing for 50 touchdowns in the Big Ten, but instead the Giants reached for​ Daniel Jones sixth overall. It's one of the more absurd things to think about, but given the circus that is the New York Giants over the past few years, it's just another chapter in this joke book. 

​​This laugh is going to be played over and over and over when Haskins torches the Giants to prove them wrong.