Chiefs fans will be crying themselves to sleep on Thursday night after EA Sports announced their quarterback and reigning NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes will man the cover of "Madden NFL 20" when it is released in August. 

It's okay Arrowhead faithful, Tom Brady is coming to your young stud's defense, well...kind of. 

The future Hall of Famer took to Twitter to claim the Patriots broke the curse when they won the Super Bowl back in 2018, the same year that TB-12 graced the cover of the legendary video game. Have a look: 

​​Is anybody else out there wondering why it took so long for the GOAT to make a damn Twitter account? Brady's been absolutely killing it since ​his self-proclaimed inauguration on April 1 and has subsequently proved that he isn't always personifying the renown nickname, "Psycho-Tom."

And what better way to flex your Twitter muscles than reminding everybody about one of your SIX Super Bowl rings. 

​​Of course, his assessment could be debated as the 2019 cover, ​Antonio Brown, has quite literally epitomized the "Madden Curse" since last August. Nevertheless, Brady stays killing the social media game and it probably won't be long until he is up to his antics once again. 

And after today's post, it's fair to say nobody is safe.