Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver ​Tyreek Hill is under plenty of scrutiny regarding alleged child abuse on his three-year-old son.

After the district attorney revealed that they couldn't go through with the investigation due to lack of evidence as to who abused the young Hill, KCTV released audio of ​Hill and fiancee Crystal Espinal speaabout the alleged incident.

Warning, the comments you are about to read are very graphic.

The audio only gets more disturbing, as Espinal states that Hill used a belt to beat their three-year-old son. Also, Espinal says their son said, "Daddy did it" while the parties were assigning blame.

So, how did the audio get released? Espinal sent the audio to one of her friends, to use it as an "insurance policy." Shortly afterwards, KCTV obtained the 11-minute clip.

Despite the district attorney's failure to come up with a ruling, Hill is still subject to punishment by the NFL. With the release of this audio on NFL Draft night, you have to wonder just how severe of a ruling will be handed down by Commissioner Roger Goodell, and how immediate it will be.

NFL fans may not see Hill on a gridiron for a very long time.