Up until a few hours ago, the University of Kentucky was brilliantly crashing the NFL party in Nashville with an enormous banner on Broadway (not too far from the draft stage), celebrating the ​unprecedented emergence of ​projected lottery pick Josh Allen

Well, the "No Fun League," has subsequently decided that they will not be upstaged by the budding star, nor his alma mater, and made the school take down the poster. 

To make matters even worse, the banner reportedly came down minutes before Allen walked down Broadway to see it for himself, completely ruining what could have been a special moment for the 21-year-old. 

So the league decided to punish Kentucky for being the first school bold enough to proclaim its former players on Draft week? 

Does the NFL realize that this weekend is about recognizing the fact that this is the most important day in the lives of these college stars? 

Let's be honest people. Did we really think the NFL would allow colleges to champion their stars? While Allen likely credits the University of Kentucky for his development, the NFL will claim him as their own, now that he's set to join the league. 

It's excessively asinine and pathetic, but ultimately and unfortunately, an expected move from the league.