​The ​Lakers were a massive circus show this season and it appears the negative state of the team started at the top of the totem pole. There was a massive amount of discomfort between Lakers' players and LeBron James this season, but that was apparently nothing close to the tension brewing in the front office. According to FS1 NBA analyst Ric Bucher, Rob Pelinka was emailing Jeannie Buss, complaining about Magic Johnson's job performance, and accidentally CC'd Johnson himself. 

On Colin Cowherd's The Herd, Bucher said, “My understanding is that there were some emails that were exchanged between Rob and Jeanie about Magic and about what Magic was and wasn’t doing. They were critical emails. And somehow, someway, Jeanie, from what I understand, was CC’ing or blind CC’ing Magic on everything. That was sort of protocol. Standard issue." 

​​Well that's certainly an awkward moment absolutely no one wants to be a part of. 

Johnson didn't like the backstabbing and whispering going on in Los Angeles, and now we know where that comment stems from. The 59-year-old was quite literally reading emails critical of his job performance, as Buss and Pelinka were unaware that he was CC'd in the email chain. 

Magic has since ​stepped down as the President of Basketball operations in what was a surprising move, though it now makes complete sense.

Lost in all of this is the snake-like moves from Pelinka. He somehow complained about Johnson and now has the opportunity to choose the Lakers' next head coach. How this man continues to ​fall upwards is a truly incredibly baffling story. 

Another day, another laugh-out-loud story about the disaster that is the Los Angeles Lakers.