​LeBron James isn't where he's supposed to be. When you employ the King, you expect to make the playoffs. Now that James isn't in the postseason, everyone's wondering if it's the Lakers who have to apologize to their superstar and fix the relationship following this miserable year. ESPN even went out and said the Lakers are working on repairing things right now, which LeBron quickly shut down with a video from the Los Angeles weight room.

​​Was that the Joker laughing at the end of that video or is LeBron trying to make it into movies with a different role now?

If you're LeBron, you have to be frustrated with all of this. You can't just be frustrated with the organization since they're not the only ones ​suffering by missing the postseason, but he has to hate how the media covers him. Even when he's working in the Lakers' facility he has to answer questions about his relationship with his franchise. It's ridiculous. 

​​LeBron may have some things to be ​angry about soon, but for now, it seems like things between the King and the Lakers are fine.