​The ​New York Yankees ended up winning a marathon game with the Los Angeles Angels in 14 innings on Monday, but it could've been over sooner if closer ​Aroldis Chapman was getting a better strike zone. Chapman ended up having a few choice words with home plate umpire Mike Everitt, and then the strike zone was squeezed even more. Yet another player-umpire argument.

Chapman went back to the mound and looked to execute better and get Tommy La Stella out, but on an 0-1 pitch, the Yankee southpaw made a perfect pitch with a breaking ball on the inside corner. As you can guess, it was called a ball for whatever reason.

The worst part of that was Everitt put his hands on his hips and stared Chapman down, seemingly waiting for him to argue so he could eject him.

I understand umpires are human beings and nobody likes confrontation, but they need to remember nobody came to watch them umpire.