The leader of the "Make Baseball Fun Again" campaign decided to go all out for MLB fans on Monday night. During the New York Mets-Philadelphia Phillies matchup, Bryce Harper didn't like a call from the home plate umpire and let his feelings known in a fairly demonstrative way. Let's just say it was enough to get him tossed.

The best part was that this didn't even happen during his at-bat! AND he tripped up the dugout steps coming out to yell at the ump!

​​​Bryce does NOT like when he feels the ump made the wrong call and it's hard to blame him due to his impeccable eye at the plate. However, in this case, the strikes were borderline and could've really gone either way.

It looks like Steven Matz squeezed those right into the zone -- that's as close as it gets.

But, more importantly, on Monday night, Harper became the first Phillie to get ejected since.....who?....and when???

Congrats Bryce! If you're ​doing anything in Philly, it's making this team more fun, because HOW has there not been a player ejected in almost FOUR years?!