​The offseason is the time to rest and build back up your strength for the 2019 season. Even if you're a coach.

Nick Saban is one of the more important figures in college football and is currently away from Alabama. The wear and tear of a season doesn't just happen for players. 

Following ​Saban's hip replacement surgery, Dr. Lyle Cain said the head coach is resting and healthy.

​​Adding a few more yards off the tee is always promising to hear. 

Alabama is lucky enough to constantly bring in some of the ​best recruiting classes year after year, but a lot of the success has to do with the man with the headset. Saban has a 146-21 record with the Crimson Tide over the past 12 seasons, bringing home five National Championships over that span. 

The season is still a ways away, but getting him back to work as soon as possible would be good for business. 

​​We'll have to see if this replacement injury hampers Saban's ability to throw challenge flags this season.