There is no better nickname than "Money" for Floyd Mayweather Jr. The undefeated boxer is very controversial, but he knows how to sell a fight. 

As he climbed his way to his historic 50-0 record, Floyd was the bad guy people wanted to see lose. Playing the villain role, Mayweather hyped up his fights into must-see events. The pay-per-view king has ballooned his net worth to an unbelievable sum.

What's Floyd Mayweather's Net Worth?

Mayweather's final matches earned him record-breaking amounts of money. The long-awaited ​Pacquiao matchup netted him $250 million and was followed up by a $300 million fight against Conor McGregor. Mayweather's current net worth is estimated to be $565 million.

Mayweather worked hard to get where he is. The undefeated record isn't just for show -- he's one the greatest boxers of all time.

He found a way to capitalize on that. He managed his own fights and promoted them behind his controversial image. When Mayweather sees a financial opportunity, he isn't going to let it slip by. 

Mayweather is now 42 years old and has retired twice, yet people still aren't counting out ​his return. If a major profitable opportunity pops up, you can never count out Floyd "Money" Mayweather.