​We understand the "He Was Just a Kid" defense. It's OK. You don't need to explain it to us again.

With plenty of questionable behavior already under his belt, as well as a trail of deleted tweets floating in his wake that ran him afoul of the ​people of San Francisco​Nick Bosa is now facing another ding to his reputation. A series of old IG likes have surfaced that show Bosa interacting with one of his besties, who seems to have added at least one offensive hashtag to every single thing he posted in 2014.

Take this one, for example, with both the N-word and a censored homophobic slur in the comments.

​​Almost impressively unnecessary profanity. Didn't matter to Bosa. He still tossed it a like.

Or what about this one? Another day, another N-word.

​​And we won't get too deep into this discussion, but there's also a video in the thread of fellow draft prospect Nick Linder out of Indiana, dressed like Venus Williams.

​​A different can of worms entirely, but definitely shows what passed for humor in the circle Bosa ran with back in high school.

We'll allow you to pass judgment if you'd like, of course. I think you can learn a lot about someone based on how cavalier they are with the way they use absurdly demeaning language like this, as well as the way they accept and encourage it from their closest friends (the "Bear" pack, if you will).

We're not trying to end Bosa's career. We'd like an apology, though.