​It's here! Today's the day! Yes, you can have and keep your 40-yard dashes, bench presses, shuttle runs, and interviews-- when it comes time for the NFL Draft, there's one figure that truly matters:

The infamous Wonderlic test.

Officially known as the Wonderlic Personnel Test, it's a customary evolution meant to gauge an ​NFL Draft prospect's problem-solving and reasoning ability within a time constraint. Fair or unfair, it continues to be used as part of the pre-draft process. And now, we have some leaked score numbers for this year's top quarterback prospects. 

Oooh, Kyler Murray... that's rough, man. Did you ask to re-take it like Ryan Finley did? Perhaps the 2018 Heisman winner is already convinced he's ​going No. 1 to the Cardinals and just didn't care. (For the record, a score of 20 correct is considered to be average.)

In any event, props to NC State's Finley and Washington State's Gardner Minshew, who were both up above 40 correct answers on the 50-question multiple-choice test.

Murray is expected to be the first ​college QB off the board, with Ohio State's Dwayne Haskins, Missouri's Drew Lock, and ​Duke's Daniel Jones all gunning for a spot in the top 10 to 15 picks. Far more data points will be gauged than simply the results of a multiple-choice test, but if teams are content to split hairs, they just got way more fodder to work with.