​With Jason Witten leaving the ​Monday Night Football crew after just one season in the booth, ESPN is trying their best to get another NFL legend to take his spot.

Many believed ​Peyton Manning would be at the top of their list of potential candidates, but the future Hall-of-Fame QB wants no part.

After ESPN announced Manning will be the host of their new show about the history of the NFL, it seemed like Peyton would naturally get in the booth for the network as well. But Manning has no interest in critiquing current ​NFL players --  most notably his little brother Eli, and we can respect that.

But it'll be hard for ESPN to find someone who's better suited for the position than Manning. He has great insight on the game and has always been heralded as one of the most intelligent QBs of his time. 

Tony Romo has seen a tremendous amount of success in the booth as a former QB, so ESPN was likely trying to emulate CBS's success by bringing in a former QB of their own. With Manning out of the running for the vacant Monday Night Football spot, where should ESPN turn to next?

It would definitely be more enjoyable than listening to Jason Witten awkwardly stumble through a broadcast, that's for sure.