The quarterbacks of this draft class all have talent but thanks to some of the question marks attached to them, it was anyone's guess where they'd end up. Daniel Jones was one player who had a wide range of landing spots but we now know where his home will be.

The Giants have snagged Jones with the sixth pick of the draft. 

This one certainly will raise some eyebrows.

Like any other prospects, there are good and bad traits with Jones. He finished his final season at Duke with 22 touchdowns and nine interceptions which are far from gaudy numbers. Jones did have his moments but has had a problem with accuracy in the past, completing just 59.9 percent of his passes during three seasons. 

Jones displayed these accuracy issues​ during the NFL Combine, but was still deemed worthy enough to land in the first round with Dwayne Haskins still on the board.

​​However, the Giants must've been infatuated with the Hall of Fame executive who compared this man to Peyton Manning. That's some incredibly high praise that isn't easy to ignore. 

​​We won't know how good Jones will be for a while, but you better believe this decision by the Giants to draft this QB will be discussed for years to come.