​When are people going to realize you can't call out Carson Wentz without waking up an army? 

We had recently put the debate of ​Carson Wentz not being a good leader to bed when someone else took a swing at the Pro Bowl QB. This time, it was former Eagles' superstar Donovan McNabb who said ​Philly had to move on from Wentz if he doesn't take his team to the NFC Championship in the next two years. 

As you could've expected, right tackle Lane Johnson was there to protect his quarterback once again​ by calling out McNabb and addressing his status with the fanbase. 

​​This is nothing new. Johnson always speaks his mind, is never shy to call out anyone on the planet, and has stood up for Wentz time and time again. Seeing a current Eagle protect their QB against McNabb is standard business.

Seeing one of McNabb's former teammates go after the controversial analyst, however, definitely took this feud to a whole different level. Freddie Mitchell, who played with McNabb for four seasons in Philadelphia quoted Johnson's tweet, absolutely eviscerating the former Pro Bowl QB in the process.

Now we're getting somewhere.

Mitchell was a first-round pick back in 2001 and never lived up to expectations. He's apparently putting all that bust blame on his former quarterback who does not seem like he cares one bit.

​​McNabb might not act like he cares, but two different generations of Eagles players hating you is definitely not a good thing.