​Who needs the playoffs when you can spend your offseason with a swimsuit model?

Kevin Love and Kate Bock are living life to the fullest by spending some time in the Thailand sun. A little fun in the sun can do wonders for anyone, especially when it's spent with your significant other. 

​​The couple is getting some much needed rest and relaxation before they both return to work. 

Considering the current state of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Love and Bock should get plenty of early vacations, as the Cavs won't be competing for a playoff spot for quite some time. Love was probably the best player on the Cavs roster this past year, but ​he missed a majority of the season with a toe injury. He only played in 22 games, as the Cavs stumbled to a lottery-bound 19-63 season.

Let's hope that the su- soaked beaches of Thailand will be enough to mend Love's injury-riddled body. 


Before ​LeBron's departure, Love had to get used to playing deep into the Summer, so an early offseason vacation is due for the 30-year-old.