​Easter isn't the only holiday you've got to worry about this weekend, nor is Passover. In fact, they both pale in comparison to that most hallowed of occasions in which folks far and wide fire up their torrented versions of "Half Baked" and order way, way too many P'zones.

Yes, it is 4/20. Stoner Christmas.

And ​Aaron Rodgers is down with it.

Not bad, Aaron! The ​Packers are a green team from Green Bay, after all. It only makes sense.

Let's see... yeah, he even liked a 4/20 tweet from Liam Cunningham, aka Ser Davos Seaworth! Good on ya. And Randy Marsh. And a fake Shooter McGavin. Thumbs up across the board for the superstar QB.

He did not, however, like this tweet:

We're willing to forgive this, Aaron. You and Danica are clearly having a tremendous day. Nothing could possibly stop you at this rate.