​And he wonders why folks like ​Dwyane Wade better. When he was forced to crown Jalen Rose the ESPN ​NBA Countdown "Friendly Wagers" champion, ​Paul Pierce decided to ruin the moment by either losing his grip on the trophy or spiking it to the ground 100% on purpose. So, was it intentional? You be the judge. 

​​Given the fact that Rose is documented on TV saying that Wade was indeed better when the Pierce-Wade "debate" had reached a fever pitch, maybe this was The Truth exacting sweet revenge on national television. If so, well played. 

​​Or maybe this was just Pierce's own incompetence, as some Twitter users were quick to point out? It's quite possible.


​​Even when NBA Twitter's least favorite player's pulls off a hilarious stunt, he can't get any mercy from the replies. 

Pierce has 10 All-Star appearances, a ring, and a Finals MVP, while all Rose had in his career was one Most Improved Player nod. You couldn't even let Rose have that ONE trophy, Paul? Come on, man.