​​Philadelphia 76ers head coach ​Brett Brown's career path can generously be defined as atypical, as he's moved from Boston to a 13-year stint in Australia to San Antonio before ultimately touching down as head coach in Philly. 

While the eccentric Brown's tenure Down Under is best remembered for two NBL titles he won with the North Melbourne Giants and Sydney Kings, the stint was littered with some truly bizarre moments-- including one that involved stealing emu eggs to make an omelet for breakfast. Luckily, he barely got away in time before the big bird was able to rip him apart. 

​​Let he among us who has not been willing to steal the eggs of six-foot bird with giant claws in the name of a tasty breakfast cast the first stone. 

On the court, Brown is thriving, however, as a certain Aussie named Ben Simmons and the unstoppable force we have dubbed Joel Embiid pushed the Sixers to a 3-1 series lead over the rival Brooklyn Nets Saturday.

​​Considering there is almost a 100% chance that Brown didn't tell ESPN every single one of his escapades in Australia, we need a full log of all of the hijinx the coach got himself into before Gregg Popovich got him to return stateside.