In Game 4 of what has been an ​explosive, exhilarating series between the ​Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers, ​tensions finally came to a boiling point when Jared Dudley, ​Joel Embiid, and Jimmy Butler finally started to get physical and turned the game into an all-out melee. Luckily for one young Sixers fan, his dad was quick on his feet and carried him away before he was swallowed up in the fracas. 

​​Dad of the Year material right there. How many fathers would have just stared at the fight dumbfounded while their kids got unwittingly sucked into it?

Let's appreciate the heroes. ALL the heroes.

Dudley, the definition of a wily old veteran who is not going to let these young whippersnappers talk back to him and tell him what to do, kicked off the whole ordeal when he shoved Embiid after a hard foul, which prompted retaliation from Butler. 

​​As long as Dudley keeps talking and the Sixers keep reacting, these altercations are going to keep happening. Hopefully, more fans close to these skirmishes have the presence of mind that this dad has and can avoid getting caught in the crossfire.