​The game may be over, but the tension is still running high at Barclays Center. Just ask Joel Embiid, who made sure to single out Nets rabble-rouser Jared Dudley after the 76ers ​took care of business and edged out Brooklyn in Game 4 of their ​Eastern Conference playoff series.

Dudley became a villain among the Sixers faithful after leveling criticism at aspects of Ben Simmons' game, and things only ratcheted up from there. He shoved Embiid during the third quarter of today's game -- ​who infamously elbowed Nets center Jarrett Allen in Game 2 -- ​and started a scuffle that ended in his ejection, along with that of Philly's Jimmy Butler.

But to the victor go the spoils-- and the greatest possible insults. All in a day's work for The Process.