​This rivalry is getting SERIOUS between ​Nets veteran Jared Dudley and 76ers phenom Ben Simmons. After Dudley's generally thoughtful evaluation of Simmons' half-court game got taken out of context and turned into ​fodder for ​NBA talk radio and locker room bulletin boards, the two suddenly found themselves exchanging various pleasantries on the court. And after Simmons taunted Dudley after the latter airballed a three-pointer in Game 3, the Brooklyn wing responded in kind today in Game 4 after draining one in front of the home fans.


It was a beautiful moment of reprieve for Dudley, whose Nets were blown off the floor in Game 3 at Barclays Center only to find them leading most of the way so far in Game 4 with a chance to tie the series.

Of course, this wasn't the end of the nastiness.

No, I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about the moment Dudley decided to shove ​Joel Embiid, leading to a spirited scrum involving both teams.

In the end, ​both Dudley and Philly's Jimmy Butler were ejected.

Oh, J.A. Oh, man, J.A. That is beautiful. You are beautiful.

What more could you possibly want from this game? Literally nothing, that's what.