SHOWDOWN AT BARCLAYS! In a heated Game 4 between the Brooklyn and Philadelphia, looming large over the proceedings was ​the ongoing beef between Nets veteran Jared Dudley and young ​Sixers star Ben Simmons. Philly surely thought it got the last laugh in blowing away BK in Game 3, but today brought a whole new level of ​NBA nastiness when the teams quite nearly came to blows in the third quarter.


Man-oh-man. Take another look at this brilliance!

Just amazing passion from these two teams! Dudley is content to be the bad guy here, and the famously fiery Jimmy B just wasn't having it. Worth noting: this all happened in the wake of Dudley ruthlessly taunting Simmons after draining a three-pointer.

​I guess the beef wasn't actually over like Simmons said it was.

After both sides were separated, technical fouls were divvied up, and both Dudley and Butler were ejected.

It's hard to imagine that ol' Jared doesn't think he got his money's worth. Do NOT miss the thrills going down today in this outrageous 4/20 affair on Atlantic Avenue.