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5 Pro Athletes Whose Favorite Holiday is Definitely 4/20

It's finally here -- the day where people around the world celebrate their love of the plant that athletic organizations hate with such vitriol. In the spirit of the holiday, let's take a look at five current professional athletes whose favorite holiday is definitely April 20.

5. Von Miller

The feared Denver Broncos linebacker has taken full advantage of his team's location. Back in 2013, the NFL busted Miller and suspended him for four games for lighting up. Plus, he's been in Colorado for the entirety of his NFL career. What do you think he's doing out there?!

4. Michael Phelps

When he's not going viral for his feats in the swimming pool, Phelps is off doing what we'll lovingly call "extracurricular" activities. A picture of him hitting a bong back in 2009 made the world go absolutely ballistic. You can get on his back all you want for smoking weed, but whatever he's done has led him to becoming one of the greatest athletes of all time, so let him enjoy his holiday in peace.

3. Conor McGregor

The fighting Irishman is unapologetic and unabashed about his love of the plant. He's been recorded smoking multiple times, and he even shared a giggle with Mike Tyson while sharing some of his home-grown marijuana. He's been in and out of the octagon lately, but I'm sure he's living it up somewhere today in celebration of the holiday.

2. Le'Veon Bell

Some Steelers fans weren't too far off the mark when they questioned if Le'Veon Bell was high during his year-long contract holdout last year. Back in February, Bell shamelessly posted an Instagram story featuring himself and pre-rolled joint papers. He's tweeted about 4/20 in the past and is no doubt blazing it up right about now.

1. J.R. Smith

Of course J.R. Smith's favorite holiday is 4/20. What other day would it be for the man who famously launched a bowl of soup at a Cleveland Cavaliers assistant? We all saw him dribble out the clock in the 2017-18 NBA Finals in a tie game when he thought the Cavaliers had the lead, which in and of itself made him look as if he was high. He's been busted for weed by the NBA in the past, and if that isn't proof enough for you that today is absolutely his favorite holiday, then I don't know what is.