​Buckle up football fans, the ​NFL Draft is less than a week away.

The debate won't end between fans and players alike as to who they want their team to pick when they are on the clock this coming Thursday, though ​Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu has made his pitch for who he would like Kansas City to select when it's their turn.

​​It should come as no surprise that Mathieu would love to play alongside with Greedy Williams, as both DBs played at LSU. Of course, it's not uncommon for LSU defensive backs to turn into excellent players in the NFL -- Tyrann Mathieu, Jamal Adams, and Patrick Peterson are three of the best in the game and all three played in Baton Rouge. 

Mathieu understandably has some conflicting feelings here though. Though the Chiefs picking Williams would be great for both Mathieu and and a defense that was last in the AFC last year, it wouldn't be ideal for WIlliams. The Chiefs pick 29th, well below where Williams is expected to be picked. Going later in the draft would mean less money upfront for the LSU DB.

Mathieu also hilariously alludes to the fact that Williams has been criticized by scouts for his tackling ability, saying "we gonna do tackling drills just to shut the haters up." 

Perhaps a trade up in the first round is in order for Kansas City?