​As if things couldn't get any worse for the Red Sox.

While Boston is currently in the midst of what might be the worst World Series hangover ever, the team now has another problem on its hands: a Nathan Eovaldi injury.

As Boston's starting pitching continues to struggle immensely, one of their core starters is now heading to the IL, as the Sox have put Eovaldi on the injured list retroactive to Thursday. 

​​According to the team's Twitter account, it's a loose body in the pitcher's elbow that caused his move to the 10-day IL, which is surely concerning moving forward.

The Red Sox are currently in last in the American League East with a 7-13 record. Losing Eovaldi? It's just the cherry on top of their disastrous season. 

​​The only positive in this situation is that young prospect Bobby Poyner is going to move up from the minor leagues and get some time in the major leagues to hopefully contribute more to the pitching staff.

Nonetheless, this is a huge blow for the rotation that is already experiencing awful issues with star players like Chris Sale and Rick Porcello.