Racist language has been a bit of an issue for the MLB over the past couple of years. Old, racist tweets from multiple players have resurfaced, and most recently, Chicago White Sox shortstop ​Tim Anderson was ​suspended one game for his use of such language in a scrum.

But the fact that the ​MLB suspended Anderson, who's African American and used the N-word, while not suspending previous offenders like Milwaukee Brewers reliever Josh Hader, who's white, is extremely hypocritical.

Hader's racist tweets were uncovered in the middle of the MLB All-Star Game last year, and they ultimately led to him attending mandatory sensitivity training.

​​It's demonstrative of the double standard that black athletes are held to in American sports. Hader's tweets were quite literally meant to be racist. He was being demeaning and hateful. Anderson, however, was directing the N-word at a white pitcher, which is quite the opposite of "racially charged."

Yet here we are, with Anderson serving a suspension that a white athlete was able to forgo. It's a shameful display of inconsistency.

If the MLB wants to deal with these issues of racist language consistently, then suspending Anderson was absolutely the wrong choice. Suspending a black athlete for using the N-word while letting a white athlete get off relatively scot-free is absurd.

Either suspend every athlete who uses that word or send them all to sensitivity training. It's not that hard.