​Now that's some smart baseball. The Mariners pulled the old school, drop-the-easy-infield-fly trick on the Angels to pull off a double play on Friday night, completely embarrassing Justin Bour in the process. 

​​You just have to love the intelligence of the Seattle infield right there, especially seeing Bour not move a muscle out of the batter's box. Terrible lack of hustle on his part.

While this play wasn't the sole reason the Mariners dropped two runs on the Angels in the ninth inning to get the win, getting Zac Rosscup out of the inning quickly and avoiding any problems surely helped the Mariners win and improve to 15-8 on the year. 

​​Now, Bour is going to be looking to make up for his miscue on Saturday against Yusei Kikuchi. The slugger's only hitting .208 on the year with one home run, and Saturday's game presents the perfect opportunity to make up for his mistake and what has been a lackluster season thus far.

However, this moment is sure to be on in his mind every time he steps to the plate for the next few games.