​"We really need to know more about Danny Amendola's personal life," said no one ever. 

We constantly underestimate how difficult it is being an athlete in the public eye. Sure, fame and fortune is fantastic but there's a level of privacy that these people can't have. Some do an excellent job of keeping their personal life under wraps, and then there are people who dive head-first into it. 

Amendola does not have to be part of the latter. 

There was absolutely no reason the wide receiver had to post a novel on Instagram about his breakup with Olivia Culpo.

For someone who said he believes in a boundary between private life and social media, he had no problem talking about his sex life in a post to a bunch of strangers he'll never meet. ​​

Look, there are some wide receivers that will always be in the spotlight. Everything Odell Beckham Jr. does is news. Everything Antonio Brown does is news. Even Dez Bryant still moves the needle despite his decline in play. Amendola never was and never will be viewed in the same light as players like that. Some people love the gossip and nonsense that came with his Hollywood relationship, but this post was certainly not necessary. 

Amendola has had his moments in the league, but are we really supposed to care a ton about someone who has never had 700 yards or five touchdowns in a season? ​​

The former Patriots wide receiver has fallen to the back burner of relevance now that he's not winning title after title. He had a mediocre season in Miami last season and is now playing in Detroit after signing a deal with the Lions this offseason. If he actually wants a private life, staying out of championship pictures in New England is a great way to achieve that.

Now if he makes sure no posts like this occur again, he'll be set.